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Enhancing CNS systems for a modern era of safer
and more efficient air traffic management

SeRo provides expertise and technology to constantly monitor the usage, performance, and integrity of digital ATC data links in the airspace.

What we are best at

Our Solutions

ADS-B and MLAT Surveillance
Using our advanced GRX receiver technology and our state-of-the-art SecureTrack data processing system, we provide highly accurate and low-cost ADS-B and Mode A/C/S MLAT surveillance.
ADS-B Security Layer
Based on our proprietary and proven Secure ADS-B Data Validation Algorithms, we provide an independent surveillance layer that brings robust security to ADS-B to unlock its full potential.
Surveillance Data Collection and Management
Our proprietary system architecture enables our customers to collect, archive and access surveillance data in a scalable and cost-efficient way to support accountability, incident investigations and long-term data and trend analyses.
Consulting & Engineering Services
Our team of experts provide a unique mix of capabilities from Big Data system design and operations to data collection and archiving.
GNSS/GPS RFI Monitoring
Our GNSS RFI monitoring service provides continuous and scalable real-time GPS interference detection and classification with automated alerting and jammer localization functions.
Compliance Monitoring
Our range of compliance monitoring tools enables our customers to detect and characterize transponder and ground interrogators anomalies to maintain safety and situational awareness in the more and more complex air traffic surveillance environment.
SENSOR Technology

GRX Receivers

Our high-end sensors use proprietary technology to provide low-level transponder signal and tracking data. The passive devices are easy to integrate with existing infrastructure and deliver high performance and high accuracy at low cost.

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SecureTrack Platform

We developed a robust and scalable solution that can deliver real-time, cybersecure, GPS-resilient air surveillance data. It provides continuous monitoring of aircraft transmissions, delivering enhanced security, safety, compliance, and efficiency.

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