SeRo Systems provides expertise and technology to collect, store, process, analyze, and visualize ADS-B and SSR-based tracking information. Our affordable systems are designed to constantly monitor the usage, performance, and integrity of digital ATC data links in the airspace.

Our solutions include real-time continuous monitoring of aircraft transmissions — delivering enhanced security, safety, compliance, and efficiency. Our highly reliable and scalable state-of-the-art big data systems collect and store data for real-time monitoring and large-scale data analytics.

We help our customers understand and monitor the performance and reliability of surveillance technologies in their airspace.

Sensor Technology

Our GRX receiver product line includes single-band and multi-band receivers that deliver Maximum Operational Performance through state-of-the-art technology.

Single-Band Receivers

GRX1090, GRX1030, GRX978 monitor individual frequencies

High performance receiver — extremely high dynamic range and sensitivity

ADS-B and Mode S Up- and Downlink Compliant

Based on software-defined radio technology

Convenient language-independent and well-documented API

Standalone device running Debian Linux for max. flexibility

Very small deployment footprint / SWaP

Plug and play with our SecureTrack platform

Introducing the GRX 3X Multi-Band Receiver

Monitor any three of 1090 MHz, 1030 MHz, 978 MHz or other frequencies with a single device

Customizable frequency band configuration based on customer requirements

Novel hardware architecture combines up to three daughterboard slots

Can cover up to 6 frequencies simultaneously (2 frequencies per daughterboard)

Daughterboards and signal processing available for simultaneous coverage of 1090ES and UAT ADS-B as well as Mode S Up- and Downlink

Other frequencies can be covered for spectrum monitoring and jamming / interference detection

Also available as 19" rack version with built-in hard drive & many more features

Access to raw signal data (I/Q) possible

Data & Software Services

We developed a robust and scalable solution that delivers real-time, cybersecure, GPS-resilient air surveillance data.

SecureTrack Cyber Attack Test
ADS-B / MLAT Surveillance

Using our advanced GRX receiver technology and our state-of-the-art SecureTrack data processing system, we provide highly accurate and low-cost ADS-B and Mode A/C/S MLAT surveillance.

GNSS / GPS RFI Monitoring

Our systems provide two independent RFI detection mechanisms for continuous real-time ground-based and aircraft-level detection of GPS interferences, jamming, and spoofing.

ADS-B Security Layer

Based on our proprietary and proven Secure ADS-B Data Validation Algorithms, we provide a independent surveillance layer that brings robust security to ADS-B to unlock its full potential.

Surveillance & Data Collection

Our secure air traffic surveillance solutions deliver real-time continuous monitoring of transponder signals. Our infinite Data Archive allows download, replay and analysis of historical surveillance data.

Compliance Monitoring

We build large-scale systems that continuously monitor noise level, signal quality and signal integrity — enabling regulators to enhance airspace safety, compliance and efficiency.

Consulting & Engineering Services

Our team of experts provides a unique mix of capabilities from Big Data system design and operations to aviation data collection, visualization and archiving.

Systems Engineering

Our systems engineers have more than a decade of expertise in large-scale data management, aviation technologies, and radio communications.


We are experts in radio communications, aviation, and data science — delivering comprehensive studies that reflect our deep academic foundation and an unwavering passion for driving innovation.

Network Development

From small deployments of just 5 sensors to expansive 600+ sensor networks, we leverage our experience and proprietary tools to implement receiver deployments with complex requirements.