Sensor Technology

ADS-B and Mode S Up and Downlink Compliant

  • Very high performance, especially in high noise environments through its A3 degarbling performance
  • High sensitivity, good for both wide area and surface surveillance
  • Typical performance in Central Europe: >2500 net (after filtering), >500 aircraft simultaneously, reception to the horizon

Based on software-defined radio technology

  • Supports latest standards incl. phase overlay of ADS-B v3
  • Provides nanosecond timestamps for multilateration for every received signal

Provides Doppler shift / frequency with Hz resolution for every received signal

Convenient language-independent and well-documented API

  • Access to raw data (signal data, metadata, I/Q data)
  • Access to monitoring info (GPS data, system health data)
  • Access to spectrum data (PSD data)
  • ASTERIX data stream options available

Standalone device running Debian Linux for max. flexibility

  • Can be extended for and by customer with custom firmware / tools
  • Hardware extensions via USB

Very small deployment footprint / SWaP

Plug and play with our SecureTrack platform

SecureTrack Platform

Data & Software Services

Our platform provides complete situational awareness to protect and maintain safety and security:

Cloud-based data collection, processing, analysis and provision

Seamless integration with our GRX hardware via a web-based portal

  • Plug-and-play / low capex: Deploy your receiver, connect it to the Internet and get full functionality
  • Mobile internet connectivity supported  —providing maximum flexibility

Scalable: No limit on number of receivers, coverage, size of airspace, data volume, etc.

  • Central interface
  • Data access via web interface, data archive or convenient live streaming API

Real-time alerting of receiver or airspace problems

Real-Time Data Analysis and Alerting

Data Collection and Archiving

Plenty of applications available ready-to-use in SecureTrack:

  • 1090 MHz Spectrum Congestion and Compliance
  • ADS-B & Mode S Usage and Compliance
  • ADS-B Data Integrity & Security
  • GNSS/GPS Interference Monitoring
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Consulting & Engineering Services

Systems Engineering

Custom Surveillance and Systems Design


ATCRBS / Mode S multilateration and aircraft tracking

Anomaly detection and incident investigation

Radio signal propagation and coverage analysis

Network planning