SeRo Systems develops technology and provides expertise to monitor and ensure safety of air navigation and surveillance services, and to enforce spectrum and regulatory compliance. We design advanced passive air traffic surveillance sensors and operate sensor networks that utilize existing SSR and ADS-B signals from civil and military aircraft, and monitor spectrum data to detect interference throughout the airspace.

Our Mission

To maximize the security and safety of air traffic control and foster a rapid adoption of next generation air traffic surveillance technologies.

Our Vision

To enable an airspace where the most advanced technologies provide the highest level of security and safety.


Founded in 2014 as a spinoff from the University of Kaiserslautern, SeRo began with a focus on software to collect, process and manage large sets of air traffic surveillance data. Quickly recognizing the limitations of current sensor hardware in achieving our desired security solutions, we ventured into designing our own sensors.

Today, SeRo stands as a vertically integrated one-stop provider for surveillance and CNS security solutions. In 2021, we made Frankfurt, Germany, our new home. Our customers include ANSPs, government agencies, regulatory bodies, and various businesses.

Our Founders

Matthias Schäfer

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Dr. Matthias Schäfer is an internationally recognized expert in air traffic surveillance. As co-founder and managing director at SeRo Systems, he leads a team that develops proprietary receiver and sensor technology and provides airspace surveillance, monitoring and data analysis services.

Matthias co-founded SeRo in 2014 with the...

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Markus Fuchs

Co-Founder and Chief Systems Architect

Markus Fuchs is Co-Founder and Chief Systems Architect (CSA) at SeRo Systems. With over a decade of experience in the field, Markus is an expert in software engineering, and designing and implementing large-scale monitoring systems with a particular focus on Big Data, scalable data processing technologies and big data applications.

As SeRo’s CSA, Markus has designed many...

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Partnerships & Relationships

SeRo is proud to work with a number of European ANSPs and government agencies to help them modernize their systems and increase the security and safety of their airspace. We also have strategic partners in Europe and the U.S. to bring our technologies to customers around the world.